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REVIEW: Play With Fire by J. Marie Croft

Updated: Jan 12, 2022

Madness! It was nothing but madness from beginning to end, and Darcy was caught up in it. What do occupants of Netherfield Park do on a dreary Saturday while the Bennet sisters are still in residence and they have nothing at all to do? They take a page from "Mansfield Park," of course, and decide on a theatrical. In the process of planning and performing the play, certain participants get more than a little carried away, especially Fitzwilliam Darcy where Elizabeth Bennet is concerned. There might even be a kiss...and a skirmish...leading to a duel. No one involved in the play had set out with the intention of creating a scandal. None performing in the theatrical began with the aim of ending with blushing faces, or bruised bodies, or blemishes on their reputations. Blame it on "The Mesalliance."

Review by Christina Boyd:

I am an unabashed fan of J Marie Croft’s masterful storytelling. She always has a gift for smart banter, diverting point of view, and often laugh out loud wordplay. This was all that I had hoped.

When the inhabitants of Netherfield Park are kept inside due to poor weather, Bingley suggests they put on a play. Madcap lines and passionate scenes are played out, leading Darcy and Elizabeth to honest (and quite romantic) confessions off set. This left me with a much needed happy heart. Brava!



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