REVIEW: Torn by Lory Lilian

Review by Christina Boyd

I was lucky to read Torn, the latest from popular Austenesque writer Lory Lilian, as a work in progress and was surprised to see how she bravely takes chances not often seen in Jane Austen fan fiction. When Elizabeth, fueled by misinformation, rejects Darcy’s proposal at Hunsford, their pride and prejudices soon lead them to make choices that bind themselves to others. Throughout there is a lot of yearning for the other as they both realize they erred but will honor their vows. Still, when temptation to share a taboo moment in time, who are they to deny their passions when Fate seems to have given them one sultry night?

I found Lilian’s Darcy and Elizabeth an honest portrayal of how they are torn between their duty and obligations and undying love for each other. I liked her new characters Lady Kendal and Lord Russell very much too.

Longtime fans of the Queen of Hot Mush, Lory Lilian, will recognize her honest, sentimental style of prose and her well-intended phrasing and word choice. Lots of contrived twists and turns to please the fandom that will keep you reading until the ultimate happily ever after.

Rated Moderate for some sexual references but not explicit.

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