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A good editor doesn’t rewrite words, she rewires synapses. S. Kelley Harrell

BOOKS I HAVE EDITED: Editing and Proofing

modern love cover.jpg
bluebells in the mourning.jpg
find wonder in all things.jpg
holiday mix tape.jpg
Untitled design.png
Haunting Mr Darcy.jpg
1932 cover.jpg
yours forevermore darcy.jpg
I could write a book.jpg
Son-of-a-Preacher-Man_v6 (1).webp
Undeceived .jpg
the elizabeth papers.jpg
The Memory House.jpg
Suddenly Mrs Darcy cover.jpg
LOvers Knot cover.jpg
A Life worth choosing.jpg
FlightPath Less Traveled.jpg
Flight Gently.jpg
MrDarcys persuasion.jpg
a cottage at cornish cove.jpg
back in my day.jpg
Love Unsought cover.jpg
paisley James cover.jpg
Lizzy Brandon Recognizing Love.jpg
J dawn King.jpg
river of kings.jpg
mom boss.jpg
Mom rules.jpg
cop an attitude.jpg
cop a plea.jpg
The colonel's brother.jpg
His Secret Betrothal.jpg
windswept J dawn king.jpg
a favorable impression.jpg
puzzled heiress.jpg
Dare to Refuse Such a Man.jpg
MARIN Marriage Bargian.webp
the dukes last word.jpg
murder and miss austens ball.jpg
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