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REVIEW: Son of a Preacher Man by Karen M Cox

About the novel:


LIZZIE QUINLAN LIVES IN THE SHADOW OF HER PAST.... Everyone in Orchard Hill knows Lizzie's bad reputation and won't let her forget it. But in the summer of 1959, Billy Ray Davenport, an itinerant minister's son, arrives in town. He discovers an indomitable strength behind the allure his father says is 'designed to lead men astray.' Lizzie spouts quirky bursts of wisdom and exudes an effortless sensuality that calls to him like a siren's song. Billy Ray thinks he could be the one who helps her swim against the tide of disapproval; he could free her once and for all. But a stormy path awaits the unlikely pair. Lizzie's past cannot help but shape her future, and ready or not, this beautiful, complex mystery girl is about to change Billy Ray's life-and his heart—forever.

Narrated by Blake Lockheart and written by award-winning author, Karen M Cox, Son of a Preacher Man is a realistic love story told by an idealistic young man. As society's sands shift under his feet, Billy Ray navigates the tide of approaching adulthood- a journey as ever-changing and ancient as the ocean itself.

Review by Christina Boyd:

A friend asked me if Son of a Preacher Man was chick lit? This is anything but!

Everyone knows Lizzie’s bad reputation and won’t let her forget it. But in the summer of 1959, when Billy Ray Davenport, son of preacher, arrives in her small Southern town, they become friends—better than friends—before he heads off to medical school. Told from Billy Ray's POV, with the primary story from 1959-1961, we see how each recognizes the value of the person—and not what society demands. Originally published as At the Edge of the Sea, the male & female protagonists, Lizzie & Billy Ray, have a little too much pride as well as prejudice...and through out the novel, there are slight nods to the timeless masterpiece Pride & Prejudice. About the audiobook: I’ve read this many times and am so glad it has finally become an audiobook. Narrator Blake Lockheart’s tone and pacing of Cox’s lyrical, smart prose, and his interpretation of the varied characters was perfection. Like I’ve said, this is a favorite read and I had high hopes for the audiobook. Was not disappointed!

Easy to recommend this Smart, Poignant, Timeless, and Heart-pounding love story.


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