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REVIEW: Sons of Pemberley by Elizabeth Adams

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

About the book:

What if Lady Anne Darcy was alive to meet Elizabeth Bennet? A sweeping tale of tragedy, devotion, and betrayal—spanning over 25 years and two generations—this family saga explores the life Fitzwilliam Darcy would have had if his mother had not died young. An up-close view of the Darcys' marriage and Fitzwilliam’s childhood ... a retelling of the circumstances that shaped the man we have come to love ... a reimagining of the friendships and relationships that formed each iconic character ... a tale of love, loss, heartbreak, and triumph—that is Sons of Pemberley.

Review by Christina Boyd:

An epic saga, Sons of Pemberley is an extraordinary reimagining of Pride & Prejudice...had Darcy’s mother lived. Author Elizabeth Adams has forged a reputation for her modern romances like Green Card but she shines in the Regency era. Her knowledge of story structure and excellent language makes the cadence of her almost lyrical prose flow from the first page to the last. Dialogue and chemistry crackle between Elizabeth and Darcy, and the layers of backstory with new characters melded with familiar canon characters make this heartwarming, heartbreaking novel one to push to the top of your MUST READ list.

1 comment

1 Comment

A stunning book! So many threads weaved together into a wonderful story. Hats off to you, Elizabeth Adams, I think it's your masterpiece!

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