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Review: A Few Audiobooks Narrated by HARRY FROST

I’ve been listening to lots of audiobooks while gardening lately. As it happens, these three paranormal tales were read by British voice actor, Harry Frost—the multi-talented narrator from my The Darcy Monologues and Yuletide anthologies—who made each book absolutely entertaining. I find audiobooks excellent company, and Frost’s incomparable storytelling made even the most tedious task, like weeding, less of a chore.

Tempt Me by Julie Cooper is Pride and Prejudice mashed up with the vampire world. With vampiric lore straight out of Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight, I was nothing but tempted. What a smart retelling! Cooper really flexed her writing muscles with this one. Five stars.

Imaginative story that had me on the edge of my seat. Bared Magic by Sara R. Cleveland is Goldilocks and Three Bears reimagined like you never imagined before. And steamy. Have your fans close. Five stars.

Her Last Words by S. Neha is a clever variation of Pride & Prejudice. Mrs Bennet dies in the first pages but some of her last words before her untimely death were to see Jane marry Bingley. As that boast was not achieved in her lifetime, she is tethered to life on Earth until that happens. And Darcy is the only one who can see her, converse with her. I was hooked from the beginning. The occasional modern phrase was distracting, but that's only because I line edit for a living. Most readers won't even notice. Probably. 4 stars.

Have you read or listened to these yet? What did you think?


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