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REVIEW: Crazy in Love by Annabelle Costa

Meet Anna Flint.
Anna loves numbers.  She loves order and cleanliness.  She loves her high-powered career as a computer programmer—a job at which she excels.  She loves almost everything about her perfectly structured life of solitude.
But she’s never been in love.
Then Anna meets Matt Harper.  Matt is a perfectly normal man, who can’t understand why Anna collects stacks of tin cans in her cubicle at work or why she washes her hands every fifteen minutes… and he doesn’t care.  All he wants is to get to know Anna better.  And for the first time in Anna’s life, she feels the same way.
Except Matt isn’t as perfectly normal as he seems.  It turns out Matt has a secret of his own. A secret that changes everything…

Review by Christina Boyd: I have never read a book that made me root for the hero and heroine more. Never have I wanted the happily ever after to be real for them, to find a meaningful, honest to goodness fairytale ending—yet when the sweet and talented computer programmer Anna suffers from an almost all-consuming OCD and her handsome work friend Matt learns he has a debilitating disease that will rob him of his life as he knows it, believe me, I could not envision a happy resolution for anyone, let alone a romance. But author Annabelle Costa weaves a colorful, honorable and clever tale of the most unlikely of love stories that makes it seem not unlikely at all—and made me question why I thought love wouldn’t triumph after all.

“Crazy in Love” is a masterpiece and already I am a dreamcasting who should play whom in the movie. Every once in awhile, a book comes along that lingers with me, makes me wonder about the characters for days... This is such a book! Read this. Sooner than later.

About the Author:

Annabelle Costa is a physical therapist who loves the following things, not necessarily in this order:

—Chick lit (both reading it and writing it

—Cupcakes (both making them and eating way too many of them

—British accents (both listening to them and pretending to have one)

—80s movies (both watching them and quoting them out of context while her friends frown in confusion)

—Pop music (both listening to it and singing it very, very badly in the car and/or shower)

Annabelle keeps a blog at, where there's contact information so you can tell her about how much you also love making and eating cupcakes. (Admit it!)



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