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REVIEW: Disenchanted by Kara Pleasants

As a renowned wizard, Fitzwilliam Darcy thinks he is familiar with most of the spells, enchantments, and magic practised in the wizarding world. When he reluctantly joins his friend Bingley in Meryton, a small town not known for its magic, he is startled to stumble upon the rare gift possessed by Miss Elizabeth Bennet. The daughter of a poor country squire, she possesses a singular talent: she is not only immune to magic, but she can counter enchantments as well. Despite their initial dislike of each other, the two draw closer as the threat from the Thieving Necromancer, a dark wizard stealing people’s magic, grows more dangerous. As Darcy battles nefarious wizards and Elizabeth unravels ever more difficult spells, they uncover dark secrets and break mysterious enchantments. But love may prove the most important magic of all. This Pride & Prejudice magical retelling contains the beloved characters of Jane Austen in situations and scenarios of the author’s imagination.


Review by Christina Boyd:

The story unfolds at a steady, measured pace, but that’s no bad thing—only because this novel is not your average Jane Austen fan fiction. If you think you can skim through the familiar Pride and Prejudice bits, don’t. Mystical details are revealed through the telling and you don’t want to miss anything or not understand any of the magical lore—especially when the action heats up and you are trying to discover the Thief right along with Darcy and Elizabeth. Though a paranormal intrigue, there are plenty of heart pounding moments for and between our dear Elizabeth and Darcy as they find their way to each other.

Make sure to add this one to your TBR pile and schedule out a couple days to read. You won’t want to put it down. Disenchanted is enchanting!


About the author:

Kara Pleasants lives in a lovely hamlet in Maryland, where she and her husband are restoring an 18th-century farm. She has two beautiful and vivacious daughters. A Maryland native, Kara spent most of her childhood traveling with her family and spent six years living in Siberia, as well as five years in Montana, before finally making her way home to attend the University of Maryland (where she settled for a B.A. in Russian, M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction, and M.A. in English Literature after being rejected by the music school twice). Kara is a high school English teacher. She has taught at several public school districts, community colleges, and the University of Maryland. She will never forget the first ninth-grade English class she ever taught at Oxon Hill High, whose courage and artistry might be the reason she still teaches today. Her hobbies include making scones for the farmer’s market, writing poetry, watching fantasy shows, quilting, and directing a church choir.


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Christina Boyd
Christina Boyd
19 may 2020

Joana, I was surprised how much I liked this—as fantasy is not usually in my reading repertoire. But it was exceedingly satisfying, intriguing. Clever book indeed!

Me gusta

What an intriguing premise and oh my, that gorgeous cover!

Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Christina! This is definitely going in my TBR pile.

Me gusta
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