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A surprise inheritance will open the doors to her future, and also the past…

When Aunt Meg leaves her cottage to Anna Redding in her will, Anna immediately packs up and heads to Polkerran, the Cornish fishing village where she was so happy as a child. With ambitions to turn the cottage into a B&B, a job working for the enigmatic historian, Oliver Seymour, and the return of her childhood crush, Alex Tremayne, it seems the stars have all aligned for Anna.

But Aunt Meg left behind a mystery for her to solve, and a shock discovery reveals she may be living a dream that isn’t really hers to hold. Can Anna rescue the new life she’s made for herself? Who in Polkerran can she really count on in her time of need?

A charming and cozy romance for fans of Trisha Ashley, Cressida McLaughlin, and Suzanne Snow.

Previously published as The Cottage in the Cornish Cove.

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New Dreams of Polkerran Point by Cass Grafton. Published September 21, 2023

REVIEW by Christina Boyd

New Dreams at Polkerran Point is poignant with a likable heroine who inherits a cottage by the sea. Just in time too, as Anna's love life and career need an infusion of inspiration. Moving back to a sleepy seaside place that meant so much to her in her youth just might be what Anna needs to focus on herself and reevaluate what she wants out of life. Indeed, weighty decisions for someone in her late twenties, but that felt authentic, and I liked Anna and all her insecurities as well as her thoughtfulness, loyalty, and courage.

I was anxious to know what would happen when she finally met up with her teenage crush, Alex; I am a sucker for second chances.

His smile had been able to do strange things to her years ago, but it had never been directed at her back then. The full impact was impressive, and Anna turned away.

But like Anna, my heart pounded at almost every encounter with Oliver, the handsome mysterious writer from across the bay.

Anna breathed out slowly as he picked up his jacket and left the room. Her mind was buzzing with questions she'd like to have asked him, such as why he'd been in Aunt Meg's shed and how he knew his way around the house well enough to know exactly where the fuse box was.

There is plenty of intrigue about the cottage and her surprise inheritance that kept me turning pages well into the wee hours of the morning. I admit that this story brought a few tears to my eyes—happy tears too. This one is a MUST READ. Smart prose and inventive story. I can’t wait for the next in the series.

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Cass Grafton, author


Cass began her writing life in Regency England, enlisted Jane Austen’s help to time-travel between then and the present day and is now happily ensconced in 21st century Cornwall.

Well, in her imagination and soul; her heart and physical presence reside in northern England with her ever-patient husband and Tig and Tag, their cute but exceptionally demanding moggies.

A bit of a nomad, Cass has called three countries home, as well as six different English counties, but her aspiration is to one day reunite with her beloved West Country.

In the meantime, she writes feel-good contemporary romances set in Cornwall and, in doing so, manages to live there vicariously through her characters and settings.

An Ambassador for the Jane Austen Literacy Foundation, Cass is also a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association, the Jane Austen Society UK and the Society of Authors.

You can connect with Cass via her website or Facebook.


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