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Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Review by Christina Boyd.

Many like to reimagine themselves as Elizabeth Bennet with all her pert opinions and courage for refusing not one but two men she couldn’t respect. And who can resist the rich, handsome, powerful man who improves himself after she points out his flaws, even after he has no expectations of encountering her again? He’s the kind of man that makes us a little nervous to be around because of his greatness and that puts all kinds of mixed emotions into the stew for what we think about him and his arrogance. Added to all the layers of secondary and tertiary characters and plotlines—it’s as Sheldon from “Big Bang Theory” claims: “...a flawless masterpiece.”

Rated "Chaste".

1 comment

1 Comment

Christina Boyd
Christina Boyd
Aug 16, 2019

Indeed. Flawless masterpiece.

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