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REVIEW: The Stopover by TL Swan

Review by Christina Boyd

I had never read anything by bestselling author TL Swan but the book info at NetGalley for this copy of The Stopover, the first in “Miles High Club” series—a meet cute on an airplane resulting in a steamy, earth shaking one night stand and later learn that the handsome stranger will be her boss’s boss—well, how could I resist?

The story is a page turner from the beginning with likable characters—a snarky, smart heroine who IS NOT a pushover, a woman who professes her love of romance books—

“I just love true stories, regardless of what they are.”

“So do I,” I reply. “That’s why I love romance. It’s true.”

—and a handsome, powerful man who ends up changing his ways for the love of a woman worthy.

Jameson Miles, our Mr Darcy-like alpha male, has never really been in love with anyone or anything but his company, yet that is about to change when newly-arrived to NYC Emily Foster steps into her dream job as a reporter at Miles Media. But deception is afoot when corporate stock takes a tumble and it is revealed company secrets, as well as millions of dollars, are stolen. Who is the culprit? When Jameson is set up and Emily looks to be the traitor, all seems lost for this couple.

A few quibbles: 1) Jameson has “big blue eyes”, “big, bright eyes”, “beautiful deep-blue eyes”, “piercing blue eyes”, “blazing blue eyes”, “brilliant blue eyes”... the repetition of the same words to describe this feature seemed lazy and annoying; 2) his ex-fiancé is described to be with a London barrister now but then later, it seems like that detail is lost; and 3) there is this entire build up about someone stealing Miles Media news stories for another media source—and that seems to have been forgotten as well when the chaos of embezzlement hits. But as I loved the story and these characters so much—and can’t wait to read more about the Miles brothers—I did not let these points hinder my enjoyment.

So much to recommend: suspense, intrigue, passion, and that push-and-pull we love in a romance novel. Perfect read to snuggle under the blankets with as the autumn chill arrives.

Rated Mature for provocative sex and nudity.



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