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YULETIDE audiobook is LIVE!

Updated: Nov 8, 2019

Last night #Audible notified us that our fourth anthology, YULETIDE: A Jane Austen-inspired Collection of Stories, is LIVE at Audible, Amazon with Whispersync for Voice-Ready, and soon to be on iTunes. We are over the moon about British voice actor Harry Frost’s performance and are confident you will enjoy the almost seven hours of festive stories. This is our second go with Frost as he narrated The Darcy Monologues, released in 2017... Amidst an extraordinary field of talented voice actors, Harry Frost is Incomparable! His rich voice and excellent pacing made for the perfect Mr Darcy! However, in a huge multi-era project like The Darcy Monologues and YULETIDE, Frost really shines, showing his range and imagination, by immersing himself in a cast of many (from Regency England to modern day United States) in these anthologies. He is an enthusiastic narrator, bringing a nuanced, honest performance to each character. As an audio producer, Frost is professional, dependable, and technically precise about his craft—and we were lucky to work with him again.

“I went up to the Great House between three and four, and dawdled away an hour very comfortably...” –Jane Austen A holiday short story anthology with some favorite Austenesque authors, YULETIDE is inspired by Jane Austen, PRIDE & PREJUDICE, and the spirit of the season. Regency and contemporary alike, each romance was dreamt to spark love, humor, and wonder while you dawdle over a hot cup of tea this Christmas.

Chapter 1: Opening Credits Chapter 2: “The Forfeit” by Caitlin Williams Chapter 3: “And Evermore Be Merry” by Joana Starnes Chapter 4: “The Wishing Ball” by Amy D’Orazio Chapter 5: “By a Lady” by Lona Manning Chapter 6: “Homespun for the Holidays” by J. Marie Croft Chapter 7: “The Season for Friendly Meetings” by Anngela Schroeder Chapter 8: “Mistletoe Management” by Elizabeth Adams Chapter 9: Closing Credits

Praise for YULETIDE:

"...the perfect book to finish my year; it is diverse with a little bit of everything but also consistency in the quality of the writing and the ability to keep the reader engaged." (From Pemberley to Milton, Favourite Books of 2018)

" snowflakes, each story of this collection is wonderfully unique and distinctly beautiful! And the whole collection together is an enchanting and exquisite Christmas scene that truly is a generous gift to all!" (Austenesque Reviews)

"...the readers who are addicted to the Hallmark Channel Christmas movies will expect there to be plenty of treacle and twee, while those who prefer the deeper message of A Christmas Carol will require some substance. I am happy to say that there is a mixture of sentiment and parable in Yuletide...plotting, character development, and resolution was textbook and really made their stories sing. For me, they were the big red bow that made this anthology a gift." (Austenprose)


Full disclosure: Only the kindle ebook and paperback royalties are gifted to Chawton House in perpetuity.

Also, if you own the Kindle edition, you can download this audiobook for the reduced price of $7.47. #YuleLoveIt

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