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Baby Steps...

I finally did what "everyone" says one needs to do in this Wild West of ever changing publishing world that is now modern day publishing and sent out the first newsletter On DITS, Volume 1, just this morning. Baby steps... Are you a subscriber? No? Never fear--this is what I emailed:

In anticipation of the audiobook release for #RationalCreatures, the ebook is on sale at 99c at Amazon UK & US, starting July 13-20. Hope you will feed your kindle today!

Just a quick note to let you know that beginning July 18, The Quill Ink is again participating in a Facebook hop, sponsored by Chick Lit Chat HQ. The Quill Ink is giving away a $20 Amazon gift card; one winner to be drawn via MiniWebtool, Random Name Picker, announced July 22. Make sure to visit our Facebook page, The Quill Ink, on July 18 to join in the fun! And visit other participating stops listed at Book A Trip Hop to meet other authors and try for their generous prize packages!

Also in the news:

1) Beau North's companion book to Longbourn's Songbird, The Colonel, released on July 9. Did you read it yet? How many tissues did you need? Heart-rending and sensual.

2) The audiobook for #RationalCreatures releases this month. Our British voice actress, Victoria Riley, performed and produced 18 hours of awesomeness! So many stellar performances of our 16 heroines and all their supporting characters.

3) Karen M Cox's smart and provocative Pride & Prejudice-inspired/ Cold War spy novel, Undeceived, re-releases too. It is available for pre-order. It will hit your kindle on July 23.

Hope your summer is going well. I am always amazed how fast time flies now as an adult. Especially summer. It is my favorite time of year. On sunny days, I can be found on the patio, typing away in my "outside office," surrounded by my backyard flower garden and birdsong. And the occasional bellowing cow. That's my bucolic life. "If it could only be like this always--always summer..." --Evelyn Waugh

Happy reading!





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