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Drunk Austen Perfectly Pairs YULETIDE with Mulled Cider

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Drunk Austen, the social media mavens that claim you only need like two of the following to know you are in the right place—liquor, men with large fortunes, and Jane Austen (we love all three!)—helped launch the YULETIDE blog tour for the audiobook with merriment and goodwill...and mulled cider. They hosted an interview with the Yuletide authors as the team dished about our British voice actor, Harry Frost, reviewed the audiobook, and offered lots of other diverting commentary. Check out Drunk Austen Blog post here: We think #YuleLoveIt. Thank you, blog mistresses Bianca and Robin, for your words, energy, and time.

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1 Comment

Such a wonderful post! Thanks, #DrunkAusten!

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