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INTERVIEW: Erin Huss Used Former Career as Fodder for Book to TV Adaptation

Welcome to the Tuesday Author Interview with Christina Boyd for the Who, What, When, Where, and Why.

CHRISTINA: I started following Erin Huss on her social media when I noticed all her awesome book covers, cleverly illustrated romantic cozy mysteries with catchy titles. I loved her French Vanilla and Felonies books, and the rest is history. One of my beta critique partners recommended I interview Erin for this blog, and I laughed because I said, "I have. We are only trying to find time to make it happen." So, here we go...

When did you first think you had a book to write and how did you start? 


ERIN: While my husband was in dental school and my children were young, I managed a seventy-one-unit apartment building. Even though the pay was great, the apartment was included, and I loved my boss…the work was pure insanity. It was either find humor in the nonsensicalness that was my daily life or have a mental breakdown. I chose both and created an anonymous blog called, The Apartment Manager’s Blog (creative, I know). I told my crazy stories about my crazy residents and shared disgusting photos of trashed apartments. I gained a large following and even had other apartment managers share their crazy stories and photos. After I quit, I used my former career as fodder for a book. That book was a cozy mystery called For Rent (published by Velvet Morning Press). Gemma Halliday later acquired the rights and changed the title to French Vanilla & Felonies (the first in a four-book series), which is now being adapted for television!

CHRISTINA: I love that story so much. And I can't wait to see the TV adaptation. Am all anticipation!

If you could tell your 21-year-old-self anything, what would you share? 


ERIN: Someday you will wish you were this “fat.” 

CHRISTINA: Ha! If that isn't the truth. I look back on some photos that I remember hating and think now, "I like this photo of me."

What is your current project or latest release?

ERIN: I am in the final edits of the tenth book in my "Lost Souls Lane Mystery Series," Medium Have I Never, set to release this summer. I’m also working on my first thriller! 

CHRISTINA: Ooh, a thriller! You really can write anything.

Do you put people you know, or their characteristics, in your book?


ERIN: If you make me mad, or mess with my kids, I will name an antagonist after you.  


Kind of. 

Not really. 

CHRISTINA: I totally get that.

Which of your own novels is your favorite?


ERIN: I love all my novels for different reasons. 

The "Cambria Clyne Mystery Series" were my first books, based on my time as an apartment manager. I will always love Cambria. 


The entire "Lost Souls Lane Mystery Series" are the first books I self-published. They’re also my best sellers. Making a Medium was released in 2017 and still gets over a million page reads every month. I love these books, which is why I’m still writing them. 


The "Podcasting Sisters Mystery" books were my first time working with an agent and big publisher. The books hold a special place in my heart because they take place in my hometown of Santa Maria, California. 


The "Malibu Witch Series" will always be a favorite because I very much relate to the main character, Abigail (yes, she is a grumpy witch, your point?) 


 CHRISTINA: Your body of work already is impressive. Well done.

What makes you get up in the morning? What do you love?


ERIN: My kids and my kids.  


CHRISTINA: Best advice for new writers:

ERIN: Write. I can’t tell you how many aspiring authors come to me with an idea, a rough outline, a list of agents, and a query letter. Don’t worry about the publishing part until you’ve produced a completed, thoroughly edited manuscript that has been read by at least three people who are not family. If you write, the rest will come. 

CHRISTINA: Sage advice. " by at least three people who are not your family."

What are you reading now?


ERIN: I just finished Abby Jimenez’s Just for the Summer and The Henna Artist by Alki Joshi. I loved both books so much! 

Before We Were Yours by Lisa Wingate and A Very Punchable Face: A Memoir by Collin Jost are next on my TBR list. 

As you can see, I read all genres. 

CHRISTINA: Ooh, thanks for the recommendations. And thank you for taking time for this interview. I am looking forward to your next book and especially excited to hear all about the TV series. Congratulations!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR Erin Huss is the USA Today bestselling author of the Lost Souls Lane Mystery Series, Cambria Clyne Mystery Series, and the Malibu Magic Mystery Series. She currently resides in Southern California with her husband and five children, where she complains daily about the cost of living but will never do anything about it.

Find Erin's book here. 

You can connect with Erin via her website.


Thanks for this interview! I enjoyed reading about how Huss's life and writing intersect!

Replying to

I think her author journey could be a novel too!


OH my, an apartment manager would definitely have fodder for stories to last a life time. :)

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I can’t wait to see the tv adaptation!

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