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REVIEW: A Lady's Reputation by Amy D’Orazio

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Review by Christina Boyd:

What happens when a besotted Darcy considers his future with the delightful Miss Elizabeth Bennet—and thinks that before he asks her for her hand, it might be beneficial to address any objections to her lack of fortune or connection with his illustrious relations...? And then when that obstacle is overcome, decides he should ask her father for his blessing as well? With so many informed of Darcy’s intentions, loose lips are sure to sink ships, and before even Elizabeth knows of his desires, half the ton is buzzing about Darcy’s betrothal. Of course when Elizabeth hears she is attached to the last man in the world she would ever want to marry, she assumes there must be some misunderstanding that can be easily remedied. After more such intelligence reaches her, she realizes that if she denies the betrothal, not only her reputation would be jeopardized but also Darcy’s. When Darcy finally realizes his clumsy mistake, and they are thrown together more, might she begin to see him as the gentleman he truly is?

“A Lady’s Reputation”, Amy D’Orazio’s third novel, is as delicious as we expect with characters from canon who we know and love as well as a few new faces. D’Orazio’s invention of Darcy’s cousin, the handsome and charming Viscount Saye, reappears, playfully poking and prodding as Darcy discovers how to woo Elizabeth as she deserves. Saye, an unrepentant gossip, though one of Darcy’s closest confidantes, must be vigorously warned to not add to the London gossips’ verve but Saye will do as he likes—and is always quick with a witty response, no matter Darcy’s mien: “If you do not lean back in the next four seconds,” said Saye calmly, “I am going to kiss you, and then you will be plagued by the sorrowful realization that the last lips on your own were not hers but mine.”

Fortunately Darcy does learn how to properly woo the woman he loves with beautiful, even madcap, moments at Pemberley. “Every day, I fall in love with you, and every night, I sleep, certain that my attachment to you cannot grow further—until a new day dawns, and I am love’s Fool once more.” How could Elizabeth resist such a man? #Swoon

If you are looking for an engaging book that will leave you with a happy heart, make sure to add “A Lady’s Reputation” to your summer reading. Romantic, inventive, and amusing—everything an Austenesque novel should be!

Rated Mild for some kissing.

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1 Comment

Christina Boyd
Christina Boyd
Aug 16, 2019

I always enjoy Amy D’Orazio’s books! She’s a gifted storyteller.

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