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Review: A MURDEROUS PERSUASION by Katie Oliver

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

ABOUT THE BOOK: Phaedra Brighton is on the case when an innocent murder-mystery weekend turns into the real deal, in the newest Jane Austen Tea Society Mystery. Phaedra Brighton has her life all figured out—she has a profession she enjoys, a wonderful (if exasperating) cat, and a cozy carriage house on the grounds of her aunt’s inn. She needs no Captain Wentworth to sweep her off her feet (though, she would not mind a Mr. Darcy). But when Aunt Wendy decides she is selling Laurel Springs Inn, Phaedra faces losing her beloved home. In a last-ditch attempt to drum up more business, Phaedra convinces Wendy to host an immersive Persuasion-themed murder-mystery weekend. It is a fool proof plan to draw attention to the establishment in the hopes of saving it.  Until make-believe becomes reality and one of the participants winds up dead.  With more suspects than she knows what to do with, Phaedra finds herself on the hunt for a killer once again. But with time running out, Phaedra quickly realizes that with this investigation, there will be no second chances.

REVIEW: What a great read for a lazy Saturday. I was engaged from the first and read in almost one sitting. Author Katie Oliver’s weaves a clever web, and I loved the characters, especially our heroine Phaedra and all the Persuasion and Jane Austen touches.

And to make it even more fun, Phaedra rushed in, "What if we sponsor a murder mystery week?" She leaned forward. "Jane Austen-inspired of course. With a staged murder, victims, and suspects. We could do a Persuasion theme," she mused. "With each guest assuming the role of a character in the novel. Whoever solves the mystery first, wins a prize." --Chapter 1.

With the right balance of humor, charm, and intrigue, this contemporary whodunnit had me swiping, swiping, swiping through my kindle until the satisfying end. Fans of Joanne Fluke (A Hannah Swensen series) and Stephanie Barron (A Jane Austen Mystery series) will love this smart cozy mystery. A Murderous Persuasion, A Jane Austen Tea Society Mystery, Book 2, should not be missed!


About the Author: Katie Oliver loves a cozy mystery... and Jane Austen novels. So she put the two together to create Professor Phaedra Brighton, an intelligent, outspoken Austen scholar who teaches nineteenth century literature at Somerset University, a small liberal arts college located in Laurel Springs, Virginia. Ms. Oliver resides in South Florida with her husband, her computer, and an ever-growing stack of cozy mysteries waiting to be read.


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