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REVIEW: Falling for Mr. Thornton: Tales of North and South

Review by Christina Boyd

Mention Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South, specifically swoon-worthy John Thornton, and hearts start to flutter. How could anyone resist a collection of twelve stories about that wonderfully complex Victorian hero and the equally compelling Margaret Hale? Falling for Mr. Thornton: Tales of North and South is the balanced collection of modern, time slip, humorous, continuations, variations, and alternate ending stories by twelve romance writers reimagining Mr. Thornton and Miss Hale’s timeless love story.

USA Today bestselling author and historian Mimi Matthews deftly presents the foreword, offering thoughtful commentary why North and South is still relevant well over a hundred and fifty years after publication.

As an obvious fan of anthologies, I certainly appreciate the spirit and respectful treatment that these stories were written. I can easily recommend to devotees of Victorian romance, especially North and South, this bang up tribute to the heart and soul of a beloved classic.

Rated Chaste for possible kissing and affection only.

Anticipated Publication: November 14, 2019



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