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Coming Soon: Rational Creatures to Audiobook

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

#RationalCreatures Coming to Audiobook in July.

London voice actress Victoria Riley is currently recording our anthology #RationalCreatures. During production of J. Marie Croft's short story "The Simple Things" featuring Hetty Bates of Emma, Riley said: "Lovely, lovely Hetty. Even though I'd read it, recorded it, ploughed through it moment by moment editing it, this still made me laugh and cry on the final listen-through. Hope you like it." And the team loved it!

Riley hits the mark with each heroine, each secondary and tertiary character, and her pacing is spot on. Upon hearing her own story "The Art of Pleasing," author Lona Manning said, "Once again, it is a thrill to hear a story of mine brought to life. I like her characterizations of William Elliot, Sir Walter, and Anne Elliot in particular. The way she titters, 'Oh, Sir Walter,' is just what I had in mind."

So excited for you to hear the entire anthology. Hope you are too. Be one of the first ten to message us to receive a FREE download audio credit for "Rational Creatures."


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